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Dr. Ross L. Fink

Please feel free to visit my personal homepage at:


Professor of Operations Management
Department of Business Management & Administration
Foster College of Business Administration
Bradley University
Peoria, IL 61625

I teach Operations Management at Bradley University. Please feel free to visit my Operations Management homepage with various links relating to this subject. At Bradley, I generally teach:

         BMA 353 Operations Management

Also, please feel free to visit my list of interactive plant tours. These tours allow individuals the opportunity to visit interactively a variety of facilities. Most are manufacturing, but a handful are from the service sector.

If you are interested in interactive homepages, please try the following links that demonstrate a handful of operations management models.
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)


Economic Production Quantity (EPQ)

Waiting Line Analysis - M/M/1


Waiting Line Analysis - M/D/1

Sample Size

I have earned the following degrees:

         Ph.D., Business Administration, 1989, The University of Alabama

         M.B.A., 1982 Western Illinois University

         B.S., Chemistry, 1980 Western Illinois University

Your can also look at my vita.

Some of my interests include:
Chicago White Sox baseball


Washington Redskins NFL football

Manley Popcorn Machines

Originally, I am from Macomb, IL and
my wife, Lisa, is from Memphis, TN.

If you would like to contact me, you may call me at (309) 677-2271 or send me e-mail at rf@bumail.bradley.edu

Last update: 11/21/2007